This year’s participating poets and artists are...




Alan Glover

I work with what is known as Alternative Photo Processes, principally a historic process called Gum Bichromates, although there are many variations on this process. I also work with Cyanotypes and Van Dyke Brown prints. Although initially mainly photographic I am looking to embrace a more abstract style using different media and maybe less of a purist photographic approach. I am 64 and live in the heart of the Black Country and have been lucky enough to take part in two previous Poartry's in the past.

Anne Brierley

I'm a painter and a writer. In my visual and written art - I make work that orientates me, that explores holding two opposing ideas simultaneously. it is how I process and map complex ideas about the world and myself within it.

Carolyn Morris

A Worcestershire artist, I work in a range of media, with my work rooted in both word and picture as well as in my local landscape. I love to learn new and unexpected things while following a thread of information, and to share these discoveries with others.

Ciara Leeming

I’m a photographer, writer and occasional collage maker based in Manchester.

Claire Tedstone

A self taught artist, Claire values creative freedom and works in a variety of styles and media including charcoal, pencil, paint, mixed media and digital illustration. Her pieces are created to tell the stories that words can’t always portray and to capture the beautiful details of the world around us.

Clare Wassermann

Clare is an artist working mainly in paint, sometimes in textile, who is deeply influenced by nature, myth and mysticism and a love of meditation, philosophy and being in the world.

Dawn Jutton

Dawn Jutton is an artist with an eclectic creative practice that crosses genre boundaries but is underpinned by an early career as a studio photographer. Further forays into film and writing have influenced her photographic images, 3D collages and site-responsive installations that are often inspired by heritage and landscape.

Deane Hodgson

Working under the guise of Mr What & Mrs Why, fashion design graduate Deane Hodgson’s eclectic art encompasses wall sculptures, analog collage and found poetry. He experiments with found ephemera and discarded materials for his wildly varied works, which have been shown at such prestigious venues as Royal Scottish Academy.

Emma Davis

Almost 50, collector of tiny stuff, owner of full size ET, paint lover, collage maker, owner of possibly 1000 paintbrushes in various state of decay. I work in my studio every day creating paintings, mixed media pieces - there just aren't enough hours in the day!

Garry Corbett

Photographer and digital artist. Obsessed with music I photograph and review live jazz events. Portraiture, social realism and landscape based images are also on the agenda. I have contributed to or designed a number of album covers. I have had solo exhibitions and work exhibited in general photography exhibitions. I have had work published in books, magazines, calendars and press including the Guardian. I like a challenge.

Grace Dore

I am a passionate photographer, artist and poet, who loves being creative in the community, working with people and being inspired by other creatives. Would love to work with someone to produce something unique for others to enjoy.

Graham Stubbs

My passion is photography, and I am driven by a desire to create. The world is a wonderful and amazing place, my work is my way of making connections, telling stories and expressing the ways I feel.

Hannah Boyd

Creative practitioner and art teacher. drawing mainly portraits, landscapes and nature as well as experimenting with natural materials.

Helen Sanders

I am a 20-year-old actor, artist and plant lover living in Lye. I often use pencil crayon, pen ink, felt tips and watercolour to create bright and detailed designs. My artwork is often inspired by nature, fantasy and the self, which allows me to create stylized and comical pieces.

Ian Leaver

I like to focus on creative portraiture photography and work with the images in photoshop to take them further than is possible with the camera alone. I have been Club colour print champion at Wolverhampton Photographic Society and been shown in international competitions.

Isabelle Homer

I'm an embroidery artist from the West Midlands. My work focuses on uncertainty of the future and the feeling of time passing using illustrative style and occult symbolism

Jason Conway

I'm a multidisciplinary creative with a passion for nature and positive action, using art, words, design and photography to make a difference in the world.

John Edwards

I am a photographer who uses traditional photographic techniques to produced handprinted photographs in a darkroom. My work explores the changing faces of the landscape and the world around us, whether they are man made, momentary creations, the slow decay or the remnants of change over the eon of time.

John Lloyd

I trained in Birmingham and taught art in the 1970s. I am painter and print maker. I create expressive images from photographs using acrylics using a limited palette. Two are currently on exhibition at the RBSA. My studio is in Bromsgrove. I lead the Life Drawing Group at TAY.

Jon Aldersea

I am a Staffordshire based Visual Artist, Music & Video Producer and Creative Director of Goldphone Recordings / Creative Media with over thirty years of experience. For the last few years I have specialised in graphic design and digital art, producing a series of works I have entitled 'Recurring Renaissance, A Series of Photographic Paintings'.

Jonathon Watkiss

Deafblind creative - soundscaper, musician, poet, film maker and photographer. As a blind photographer I enjoy using vintage and obsolete lenses often often with an emphasis on macro images, reflecting my visual impairment which gives me extreme tunnel vision.

Julie Edwards

I am a semi-abstract landscape artist whose artwork is very much influenced by the natural world around me. Capturing the experience of an actual place into sketches and in response to literature, escapism, mythology, responses to events etc. are then transferred onto the canvas as an entirely new experience.

Karen Wicks

I am a U.K. printmaker who uses found materials and recycled packaging to create a record of derelict and abandoned places.

Keith Gilbert

I mostly make portrait heads in clay but I also make abstract and semi abstract work in plaster. I'm interested in medal making too.

Linda Nevill

I am a printmaker/painter. I work in a range of media including etching, soft pastels, oils and acrylics. I enjoy creating landscapes, seascapes and art about social issues such as homelessness. I have collaborated many times over the years with poets, and this has been inspiring and rewarding.

Lindsay Pritchard

A professional artist and creative practitioner I enjoy experimenting with materials and painting surfaces to create mixed media semi abstract landscapes. As well as exhibiting and taking commissions I also work in the community running creative workshops with vulnerable children and adults.

Lucia Daramus

I am a writer and a poet, very involved in our history, being inspired by any subject around me, with an open mind to the beautiful, but standing up to the people being under oppression....I consider that we need more artists in our world.

Paddy Hannigan

Contemporary artist leaning towards abstraction in landscape and figurative acrylic and mixed media painting. Also an illustrator working with pen and ink, pencil, usually black and white . Member of Artistree Co-operative of Ledbury, Herefordshire and member of Homend Poets, Ledbury. Visual contributor and occasional poet in Homend Poets publication.

Peter Keserue

I am an experienced multi-instrumentalist, with a love for free-improvisation. In the past six years I've specialised in using iPads, sampling and looping to make unique sound textures, and have loved collaborating with poets and artists using spoken word.

Rachel Massey

I'm mixed media artist/illustrator. My art practice primarily focuses on exploring the subjects of industrialisation and deterioration usually via run-down/abandoned buildings and landscapes. I often use many processes, layers and textures within my work, my preferred combination of mediums are ink, watercolour, pen and digital/paper-based collage.

Rebecca Saunders

I am a Fine Art student in South East England and am currently interested in playing with collage, cardboard and paint to create little stories. I like to make use of accessible and found materials in my art.

Richard Heley

I am a fine art painter, poet (slam champion/5 tours USA), storywriter, songwriter and I paint interactively with children.

Rick Sanders

I am a poet, artist, maker, and creative working from the Black Country. Also the founder of PoArtry and a lover of collaborative projects

Rob Pazdro

I am a self-taught collage artist currently living in South Africa. I love the process of analog collage making. For me, it is a process of discipline, craft & mystery. Inspired by the Dadaists, chance plays a major role in my work- flipping through an old book or magazine, an image speaks to me and I know I have to use it as the basis for a new piece.

Ruth Batham

Ruth Batham is a visual artist from the Black Country who now works in London. She paints, often figuratively, as her work explores human interaction and communication. She is interested in how we interact with the world around us, specifically connected to the ideas of societal norms and expectations.

Saleha Bakhtiar

Creatively and as a person, I like experimentation and trying new things. My curiosity and will to discover something unique and original leads me to not only learn so much when creating new artwork but also gives meaning and depth to the piece.

Sarah Goudie

Sarah Goudie is an artist working with drawing to explore a multi-disciplinary practice; including sculpture, writing, film and photography. A fascination endures within material led making to investigate a poetic of dispersal, endurance, beauty and injury. These are currently being realised through the gifted parts of a once loved piano.

Shaun Loynds

Everyone is hiding something.A love, a prejudice, a hurt... Some of these things are thrust upon us and some are self-inflicted but they are within us all and we do our best to keep them hidden, because we care too much about what others think. We want to be open, honest people - but not completely. We have created personas that we maintain, support and promote, so we hide these things in our hearts, minds and in the very guts of us, where they create tension and conflict. My work is all about this inner world. It’s all about the inner tensions and the stuff we hide. I’m interested in the un-seen things like human motive, belief and emotion. The unspoken things like conscious thought and inner reasoning that have a creativity and power all of their own. My work is a public display of these things, a spasmodic series of exorcisms and revelations of what is hidden.The symbolism I use in my work are shorthand expressions of the ‘hidden’ things inside us and the ‘good’ we are all trying to display about ourselves to the outside world.

Sian Thomas

I am a visual artist and poet predominantly working with paint, print and sculpture. My recent series 'Unlocked' featured drawings of keys alongside poems of their imagined histories.Before this, I wrote a book, 'Deep in the Woods' An illustrated poem aiming to raise awareness on the destruction of HS2.

Simon Meddings

I now run GeneralOffice gallery and artist studios. Prior to this venture I was a graphic and exhibition designer working in the Arts and Heritage fields. I have always taken photographs and always had one foot in contemporary art.

Stevie Quick

I am a writer and photographer, alongside theatre director, performer etc.I have worked in Prisons, isolated communities, with people and with writers at all stages of their development. I read my work around the Worcester area previously having read in Wales, and West Yorkshire. I was asked to do a show at the Wolverhampton original literature festival a couple of years ago.However I am looking to work on this from a visual aspect and to this end I take photographs which help me make sense of my world.So enough of the posy nonsense, like everyone else here I can string words together and I can put them into images as well. The idea of collaboration appeals to me since my theatre work has all been collaborative.

Tasmin Davidson

An emerging artist currently based in Shropshire. Gaining inspiration from years of solo travel, I take the viewer of my artwork on the journey with me through colour and abstraction.

Thea Brown

I am a visual artist and art educator in the West Midlands. I work intuitively with a variety of media including paint, photography and digital techniques. I am expressive and experimental in my approach and enjoy creating ethereal and aesthetic imagery that explores human emotions and hope.

Tom Chimiak

I am an award-winning filmmaker who specialises in short experimental form content which has been shown on online platforms, in art galleries and film festivals. My practice typically looks at the heavy use of colour and scenarios that only happen once.

Yuyan Li

YUYAN LI, is currently studying BA fine art at Chelsea College of arts, University of the Arts London. She uses digital painting, music, and poetry as art forms. Through the superposition of layers and real-world events, she explores the relationship between plane and plane of material and will power.

Zoe Sanders

I am a fine artist from the West Midlands, based in London, who also works with words. My creative practice examines the rural, landscapes, family, and our emotional connection to places and times.

Adrian McKenzie

Adrian McKenzie is a slam winning performance poet from Stoke-on-Trent. His poems provoke the listener to consider their perspectives on social and personal themes.He published a mini-collection of his poems entitled 7 on The Back in 2020.

Alison Jean Lester

While I am primarily a novelist, I regularly write poetry when only a poem will do. My most recent book, a memoir called Absolutely Delicious: A Chronicle of Extraordinary Dying, is peppered with the haiku I wrote while helping my mother through the final months of her life.

Andy Summers

I’m an occasional Walsall based voice who has recently got much more involved with performance poetry after a lifetime littered with a paper trail that I left unspoken in boxes and cupboards. My style or preferred delivery is probably a narrative flow that challenges or celebrates!

Angie Payne

Working class spoken word poet.

Anne Babbs

Observational poet. Poems tend to be about everyday events, rather than nature. Socialist in tone. Nostalgic poems centre around family and personal experience. I have a distinctive poetic voice. I am disabled, identify as LGBTQI, working class, and Black Country proud.

Anthony Gorin

I am poet and photographer using my lived experience of mental-health, as the themes for their poetry and showing the beauty in the everyday. I am a member of the Dark Poets Club; a group of poets with a focus on mental health and darker poetry society shies away from.

Ben Macnair

I am a fairly well published poet and playwright, writing in a style that is more abstract than concrete.

Brenda Read-Brown

I'm a poet. I started as a performance poet but now write mostly page poetry and have two published collections. I particularly enjoy cross-artform working. As well as writing, I work with cancer patients and carers and with people facing anxiety, depression, chronic pain etc.

Carol Caffrey

I'm an Irish poet/writer and in a previous life was a teacher and professional actor. My poetry chapbook was published by 4Word Press in June 2020 and I’m currently working on a full collection. I’ve been involved with the two editions of “Encounters”, a similar project, in Shrewsbury.

Carol Howarth

I am a retired librarian. My poetry, inspired by my Canadian childhood, travel, art and the environment, is in various anthologies including Poetry of the Black Country (Offa's Press). I self published my poetry pamphlet, Library of Jackdaws, in 2019. I am a member of Bilston Writers.

Cathi Rae

Spoken word artist and domestic cleaner...telling the stories and lives of the people nobody sees

Cherry Doyle

I'm a poet living on the edge of Cannock Chase. My work is rich in imagery inspired by the countryside. I've been published in some print and online magazines, and I have a pamphlet available from Offa's Press ('September').

Chris Fewings

I write poems long and short in a range of styles on a range of themes. Some play with language and perception, some follow a strict pattern, some puzzle over human destructiveness, many seek to invite the reader in. I love the music of words. Portrait by Daniela Duggan

Daniel Kay

I write poetry about nature, positivity, cerebral palsy, and I love ekphrastic poetry.

Emma Kemp

I live and write in Coventry (UK City of Culture 2021!) where I run the local Stanza of the Poetry Society. My poetry has been published in various journals and anthologies, including The Rialto. My work deals primarily with relationships - between people, nature, and the divine.

Gerald Kells

I am a poet from Walsall, sometimes serious, sometimes funny. I have done a number of slams, even won the Shrewsbury Festival slam during lockdown. I self-published a collection of 51 Poems called 51 Poems. I have a YouTube channel and also some poems on Soundcloud. Otherwise I like walking, gardening (after a fashion) and going round art galleries - which could be useful I suppose...

Glyn Phillips

Glyn is a poet. And a percussionist. And a DJ. And a radio presenter. And a comedian. And a writer. And an MC. And...To be honest, Glyn has no idea who he is from one moment to the next. It gets very confusing. He does write poetry though. Honest!

Grae Wall

Grae J. Wall is a poet, troubadour and lomographer from St Albans, UK. Grae’s poems come from journeys of discovery, times of struggle, sometimes dark, sometimes silly, empathy, confusion, red wine, crazy times, compassion and a wry smile. Grae's latest book The Sound of Revolution is available from whilst a number of poetry recordings can be found at .

Hannah Taylor

A performance artists and writer who explores trauma and collective healing. My spoken word pieces touch upon themes around mental health, chronic health, consent and commonality.

Heddwen Creaney

Heddwen Bethan is a poet and writer based in Birmingham. By day, Heddwen works as an Arts Administrator and fills her evenings with reading, writing poetry and prose, and bothering her cat, Merfyn. She is a BBC New Creative and has been commissioned for audio poetry, focusing on identity and folk lore. She is currently working on her first thriller and full collection of poetry, set in Birmingham.

Ian Henery

Published award-winning performance poet based in the Black Country and member of arts collective Poets Against Racism

Ian Ward

I am a local poet, a member of the Lichfield Poets, I have been published in various collections and online magazines, I have two collections of my own work published, I perform and open mics and festivals and I took part in the last PoArtry event.

Jan Wilkins (Jan Hedger)

Since 2001 I have accrued a wide selection of poems, been in writing groups. Now run my own group WOW. Organised and headed up events. Self published two collections and home produced two more. Am in many anthologies and perform regularly. Set up displays - including art and photography alongside poetry.

Jane Salmons

Jane has an MA in Creative Writing and has had work published in a range of journals and anthologies, including Poetry Salzburg Review, Ink, Sweat and Tears, The Ekphrastic Review, Amaryllis and The Emma Press Anthology of Illness. Her debut pamphlet entitled ‘Enter GHOST’ will be published by Dancing Girl Press this autumn.

Jane Seabourne

Poetry practitioner. Published by Offa's Press. Poetry on Loan postcard poet. Performs at spoken word events, real and virtual. Themes: people. Tone: playful.Member of poetry/art collective, ImageTextImage - exhibiting and performning art work inspired by poets, poetry inspired by visual artists

Janet Jenkins

Janet Jenkins is the leader of The Lichfield Poets and enjoys performing poetry with the group at festivals and other events. She has poems in several anthologies including ‘Maligned Species ‘ and 'Diversifly' (Fair Acre Press) and ‘Eighty Four’ (Verve Poetry Press) She was featured on Brum Radio Poets in 2019

Jerry Peterson

Occasional poet, retired lazy readabout, did a bit of stargazing , read up on mercian history , messed up the suspension on the morris minor- still trying to fix that, tried a bit of painting. Occasional bike riding into cannock chase looking for deer.

Kezzabelle Ambler

Kezzabelle Ambler is a Performance poet, author of 'Permission To Speak', Weaving Words Facilitator, radio & podcast presenter/voice over artist, actor & creative coach. She is passionate about encouraging the arts to be expressed freely, hoping the pen can become a tool for life.

Laura Jane Round

A writer, photographer and performance poet from the Black Country in the West Midlands.

Leanne Cooper

I am a published poet and author, as well as a mother to 2 girls. I write mainly poetry, which is inspired by my personal experiences. I use writing as a form of therapy for myself, and as a way to raise awareness of important issues/subjects.

Leena Batchelor

Current Worcestershire Poet Laureate & Poet in Residence @ The Commandery. Published poet & spoken word artist.

Lisa Johnston

A poet inspired by interactions with people and nature.

Lorna Meehan

I am a poet, actor and solo theatre maker. I’m also Co-Creative Director of RoguePlay Theatre. I write poetry about experiencing joy, grief, the power of music and nature, sexual awakening, wellbeing, spirituality and myth busting subjects that are shrouded in shame to encourage solidarity.

Louise Kelly

I am an explorer of metaphor, magic and the mystical.Through my work I seek to communicate the power and force of nature and show that by exploring our connection with the Earth, we deepen connection with our true selves. I am writing an anthology called Alchemy Of The Earth.

Lucia Daramus

I am a writer and a poet, very involved in our history, being inspired by any subject around me, with an open mind to the beautiful, but standing up to the people being under oppression....I consider that we need more artists in our world.

Marion Cockin

I have 2 poetry collections published Nailmakers' Daughters with Emma Purshouse and Iris Rhodes and The Wednesbury Mangle Theory both published by Offa's Press. I enjoy painting and collage making as well.

Mark C Hewitt

I’m a playwright/poet/director. Plays include ‘The Revenge Fantasy Club’, shortlisted for Best New Play at Brighton Fringe, and ‘Prison Dialogues’. My filmpoem sequence ‘Les Coffrets’ screened at over 25 film festivals. As director, ‘Zones of Avoidance’ (with poet Maggie Sawkins) won the Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry.

Mel Wardle Woodend

Staffordshire Poet Laureate and mad cat and guinea pig lady who facilitates poetry workshops, open mic events and slams. Loves performing and listening to poetry, reading and books. Mel runs dyslexia friendly publishing company Dream Well Writing Ltd.

Nina Lewis

Creative spirit, poet, likes to collaborate and find a different/novel/new way to create work. I write on a wide range of themes using different styles/approaches. Would love a new project to get stuck into and have been involved before. Always a surprise and adventure. Need free Space though.

Nora Nadjarian

Nora Nadjarian is a poet and short story writer based in Cyprus. Her poems and short stories have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies around the world, including Being Human (Bloodaxe Books, 2011), Capitals (Bloomsbury, 2017) and, most recently, in the Live Canon Anthology 2020.

Phillip Binding

Staffordshire poet based in Burton on Trent. I have participated in the previous PoArtry in 2019 and was exhibited with my artist. I would love another opportunity.

Polly Stretton

Polly Stretton is a poet who works in education. Her poems have been featured online and in print in numerous anthologies. Polly's latest poetry collection 'The Alchemy of 42', was published last year by Black Pear Press. She is the Chair of the Open University Poetry Society

Richard Archer

I'm a poet from Walsall in the West Midlands who has been writing, performing and publishing his work for many years, I love to write poetry and share it with other people as well as listen to their work. My influences are usually what I spot on my travels around the area I live or work in or what's going through my head, often the two can happen at the same time resulting in some interesting compositions to say the least !

Roger Noons

I've been writing creatively since 2006, prose and poetry. I have had two books of prose published as well as numerous pieces of poetry and prose in anthologies. The Black Country - Living Memory contains a piece of my life writing.

Ros Woolner

I write poems about real and imaginary people and places. I enjoy playing with language and images and, because I also love gardens, I have a weakness for gardening metaphors. My pamphlet 'On the Wing' was published by Offa's Press in 2018.

Sarah Dale

I come from London, and now live in Lichfield where I work at the Samuel Johnson Birthplace Museum and am a city tour guide. I'm a member of the Lichfield Poets and mainly write poetry but occasionally dabble in flash fiction. I swim most days and also enjoy walking.

Scarlett Ward Bennett

I am a Poet, workshop facilitator, and editor of literature magazine 'On Your Doorstep Mag'. My debut collection 'Ache' is a Verve Press bestseller, and I am an assistant writer with Writing West Midlands.

Sharon Ashton

Published poet and novelist with interest in poetry as a response to art. I have taught classes on this and collaborated with New Art Gallery Walsall on my anthology 'Encounters with the Garman Ryan '. A founder member of Artwrite , I've work with artists in poetry/ art exhibition/ performance

Steve Harrison

Steve Harrison from Yorkshire now lives in Shropshire. His work has been published in The Emergency Poet collections, The Physic Garden, Pop Shot, Wetherspoons News, HCE, Strix, PoArty and appears on YouTube as steveharrisonpoet. He performs across the Midlands and The Marches and won the Ledbury Poetry Festival Slam in 2014.

Sue Wallace-Shaddad

I am a Suffolk based poet. I recently gained an MA from Newcastle University/Poetry School London. My short collection A City Waking Up was published by Dempsey and Windle, October 2020. I have poems published online and in anthologies. I write poetry reviews and am Secretary of Suffolk Poetry Society.

Susan Wood

Inspired by nature, memory and reflection, I strive to discover words which express and examine ideas or emotions, weaving them into poetry. I enjoy collaborating with other artists and poets, exploring the creative process in its many forms.

Wendy Humphries

Wife and mother of cats and teenagers; teacher of English to teenagers; lover of words in all of their glorious and frightening power.