Shaun Loynds

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Everyone is hiding something.A love, a prejudice, a hurt... Some of these things are thrust upon us and some are self-inflicted but they are within us all and we do our best to keep them hidden, because we care too much about what others think. We want to be open, honest people - but not completely. We have created personas that we maintain, support and promote, so we hide these things in our hearts, minds and in the very guts of us, where they create tension and conflict. My work is all about this inner world. It’s all about the inner tensions and the stuff we hide. I’m interested in the un-seen things like human motive, belief and emotion. The unspoken things like conscious thought and inner reasoning that have a creativity and power all of their own. My work is a public display of these things, a spasmodic series of exorcisms and revelations of what is hidden.The symbolism I use in my work are shorthand expressions of the ‘hidden’ things inside us and the ‘good’ we are all trying to display about ourselves to the outside world.