The concept is a simple one. Artists and poets are randomly paired together by names drawn from a hat. Each pair then has 3 months to work together to create new work inspired by each other’s existing portfolios.


Each pair must produce 2 new pieces of work


– 1 new piece of artwork and 1 new poem. 

Screen Shot 2021-05-27 at 17.56.44.png

The exhibition then shows 4 pieces in total from each pairing; the new poem with the existing artwork and the new artwork with the existing poem.

All art forms are accepted. In the past exhibitions have included sculpture, photography, video, traditional 2D artwork, printing and just about everything else in between! Poems are accepted in a written format.


As 2021 will be a digital exhibition, all artwork will be photographed and a digital copy submitted for the website. All poems will be submitted via Word.doc