Excited by what you’ve seen so far? Want to get involved? Well, here’s how to do just that.


Complete the application form that you can find here on the website.


The cost to take part in the project is £10 per person. This is a flat fee and all proceeds go to the set up and running of PoArtry 2021.

This year we are offering a number of free spaces for artists and poets to 

get involved who would otherwise not be able to afford the participation fee. If you would like to take part for free, please select the option on the application form. Please do not tick this option if you can afford to pay the £10 – I trust people to be honest with themselves about paying to take part and I want to make this project accessible to those that otherwise would not be able to get involved.


Once registered, your name will go into the hat for the draw, where you will be paired with your artist or poet. As the project is a digital one this year, participation spaces have been increased to allow more people to take part, but please be aware that there is still a limit to the number of participants, so apply early to avoid disappointment.


Once paired up, we will ask you to make the payment and then you are officially ready to go! The rest is up to you and your creative partner to do whatever inspires you and we look forward to seeing the amazing results come in.